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Sale of products from our farm at the Oberdeutinghof

You can purchase various homemade/sourced products, such as meat, self-distilled fruit schnapps, self-pressed apple juice or eggs “directly from the nest” and much more – organic and fresh from the farm! Moreover, there are apples to pick yourself.

Organic rosé veal from Salzburg – best quality meat!

“Organic rosé veal beef from Salzburg” (“Salzburger Jungrindfleisch”) designates meat from ten to twelve-month-old “suckled” calves. These are predominantly nourished with mother’s milk and spend the summer with their mothers on our alpine meadow in Dienten. In the winter, they receive only home-grown, organic feed and organic grain.

Rosé veal from Salzburg is particularly characterised by the following features:   

  • Ideal for quick frying, roasting and barbequing
  • Short cooking and preparation times
  • Rich in proteins and vitamins
  • Low in cholesterol and calories
  • Combines the benefits of classic veal and beef
  • Unique flavour and tenderness
  • Particularly fine fibres with optimum marbling.

Our animals are slaughtered stress-free directly on our farm. Sufficient maturation is decisive for the tenderness and flavour development of the meat. This takes at least 7 days for young cattle.

Subsequently, the meat is professionally divided and portioned by our son Siegfried in our farm’s own preparation room.

The meat can be ordered in 5 kg or 10 kg mixed packages.

On request, we can cut all meat pieces - surcharge for 5 kg € 3.00 and for 10 kg € 5.00.
Or cut all meat parts and vacuum-pack them in portions - portions for 2 or 4 people - surcharge for 5 kg € 8.00 and for 10 kg € 12.00.

The whole filet (approx. 1.3 – 1.8 kg) is available in one piece for gourmets.

10 kg ORGANIC rosé veal without bone € 135,-
5 kg ORGANIC rosé veal  without bone €   74,-
Filet per kg  €   49,-
Self-distilled fruit schnapps - per litre
(also available in attractive gift bottles)
€   20,-

We kindly request that you place orders in advance via telephone, 0664/2373604 - thank you! 

Oberdeutinghof holiday farm
Family Roswitha & Siegfried Deutinger

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